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About Us

Fountain of Joy Christian Church Incorporated

We are an independent Christian church, devoted to preach the gospel, train disciples and aim to provide a platform for believers who are keen to serve. We hope more of God’s workers can grow spiritually amongst us and become precious vessels of God.


Our Mission

That they may be equipped to fulfil the Great Commission, serve the local Chinese community with Agape love, provide their overseas compatriots an opportunity to hear the good news, lead people to Christ, assist Chinese immigrants assimilate into the local Christian culture and receive the love, peace and joy of Christ while abroad!

Our vision

We are committed to keep the Great Commandment, build a large family in Christ, with believers helping and edifying each other, rooted in God’s words and growing in faith. We are the body of Jesus Christ, who is the head of our church. May the kingdom of God come, may His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, may His grace be with us!